Glass Blowing Experience

Experience the Magic of Glass Blowing & Blow your Own!

All participants will get individual hands on participation with molten glass, with the assistance from one of our talented instructors. Each participant can individually choose to create from our Mini. We strongly suggest reservations as we typically can not accommodate walk in’s for glass blowing.

Mini Glass Blowing Experience

The Mini Glass Blowing Experience are projects that do not take as long as Traditional projects. Project choices include Mini Pumpkins, Flowers, Snowman Ornaments, Mini Floats, Christmas Ornaments, and Garden Flowers.


Traditional Glass Blowing Experience

The Traditional Glass Blowing Experience includes project choices that take longer to create than our mini projects. Traditional project choices include Floats, Suncatchers, Candy Dishes, Drinking Glasses, Large Garden Art, Bowls, Vases, and Terrariums.


What is the difference between our Mini & Traditional Experiences?

The project choices, the length of hands on participation, color applications & project choices. Prices vary depending on the project you choose.


Glass Blowing Projects

Mini Pumpkin

$100 / guest


$90 / guest

Snowman Ornament

$100 / guest

Ornament/Mini Float

$90 / guest

Garden Flower

$100 / guest


Glass Blowing Projects

Float/Suncatcher Dish

$130 / guest

Drinking Glass

$150 / guest

Garden Art

$160 / guest


$220 / guest


$150 / guest

What to expect:

  • Blow your own with the assistance from one of our talented instructors, no experience is required.
  • You will get hands on participation working with the hot molten glass.
  • Glass Blowing Workshop times vary from 15-30 minutes, based on the number enrolled.
  • All participants enrolled in the workshop will participate one at a time in creating their piece. 
  • Blown glass projects must be annealed as part of their finishing process. Your may pick up your creation the next day we are open.
  • Items can be shipped for an additional fee.

Age Requirements / Restrictions:

  • Must be at least 9 years or older for full hands on participation.
  • Participants ages 5-8 may only blow a mini float or ornament only.
  • Glass Blowing is not recommended for expecting mothers.

Glass Blowing Date Night

Join us for Date Night! Our Date Night Glass Blowing package is a private glass blowing experience that includes blowing your own set of drinking glasses. Additionally, sit back and relax with snacks and beverages while our expert glass blower creates your bowl or vase of choice.


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