Glass Fusing

Learn the art of fusing and slumping glass to create wonderful glass art.

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What is glass fusing?

Glass Fusing is like putting together a puzzle of your own creation using small pieces of colored glass, which we call glass frit, to create beautiful designs on plain panes of glass. After you create your design, we fire it in our kiln so the glass can bond together into beautiful finished pieces of art.

Fused Glass can be displayed in many different ways, including: window decor, lanterns, night lights, and more!

Glass Fusing is available as both a walk-in activity and as a guided workshop!

What can I make?


What type of projects can I make?

We have several different sizes of glass to use as window displays, or choose a project to turn into a nightlight, lantern, coaster, dish, and more!


Who can come in to fuse glass?

Any age is welcome to come in to try glass fusing! Because some glass fragments can be sharp, children should be careful and have parental supervision while creating their artwork.


When can I take home my fused glass art?

After you arrange and create your art, you will leave it here with us to fire it in our kiln at over 1,000°F! This will allow the glass to fuse together into one piece of art. Please allow 7-10 studio days for fused glass project pickup.

Live Laugh love art | Glass Fusing

Walk-in Glass Fusing

Glass Fusing: Walk-In Activity

Glass Fusing is available at all locations as a walk-in Open Studio activity. No reservation or experience necessary!

Step 1: Choose a glass base
This is when you decide the size and color of your project’s base sheet of glass. During this step you will also be deciding on what your end project is going to be. For example: 3″ x 3″ or 4″ x 4″ can be a coaster or a night light.
Step 2: Design your pattern
This is where your design starts to come together. We offer over 25 different glass colors. Pick from a large selection of colored glass strips, frit, stringers, dots, tips and tails of crushed glass. Our helpful staff is on hand to show you how to get started with nipping and break glass to create your own fused glass project.
Step 3: Leave it, we will fuse it
We will melt (fuse) your pieces together in our kiln.
Step 4: Put on the finishing touches
We have several options that can be added to your glass to turn it into a functional item. Before it is fired, we can add a hook so it will be permanent. After your piece has been fired, we can add bumps and turn it into a trivet or coaster. We can glue on a nightlight bracket to turn it into a nightlight. We can also fire your item one more time on top of a ceramic mold and give it a shape like a plate or candle votive.

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All Day Studio Access Pass: $10

Come in and play all day! Purchase a Family Studio Pass to save on studio passes.

• Portland Studio: $10 per table*/activity
• Sunriver Studio: $10 per table*/activity
• Vancouver Studio: $10 per person/activity

*max per table is 6 people

Glass Fusing starting at: $15

Glass Fusing prices vary based on the many different projects to choose from!

Live Laugh love art | Glass Fusing

Glass Fusing Workshops

Glass Fusing:
Instructed Workshops

Come in and play! In our instructed workshop, we’ll guide you through step by step creating a beautiful fused glass piece of art.

Workshop Details

Learn the basics about glass fusing and the kiln process. No experience is needed in our glass fusing workshops, we offer step by step instructions.

Glass Fusing is puzzle making with glass elements and sheet glass. Create a beautiful, fused glass tile or set of coasters. Leave your piece and we will fire it in our kilns for you.

Book online to ensure your spot as space is limited.

Workshop Includes

We will supply all the materials, instruction and tools you will need to create your masterpiece. Lots of different shape & sizes available to choose from.

Workshop fee includes $20 in materials which will allow you at no additional charge to create a pair (2) of 4″ Coasters or a 6″ Tile.

Upgrades and Add-On Options

Add a shape to your pieces for just $5 for slumping.

Add a hook to hang your piece or clear feet onto the bottom of your piece for just $2.00.

Upgrade your base glass size or color. Your class fee includes $20 in materials and will be applied to the cost of materials if you choose to upgrade.

Project Pickup

Please allow 7-10 days for the kiln firing process.

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location below

$65 per ticket

Our glass fusing workshop includes $20 in materials which will allow you at no additional charge to create a pair (2) of 4″ Coasters or a 6″ Tile


Fun for All Ages

Any age is welcome to come in and try glass fusing! Because some glass fragments can be sharp, children should have parental supervision while creating their fused glass art.



Glass Fusing workshops are scheduled for 2 hours, but you are always welcome to stay longer!


see it in action

Glass Fusing Group Events

Ask us about glass fusing for larger groups including team building, birthday parties, and more!

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Hear it from Our Customers

Come in and create your own fused glass art!

Passionate Instructors

Just did the glass fusing class! There’s nothing better than having someone teach you how to do something new with so much passion. I’ll be signing up for it again!

Amanda K.

Glass Blowing Customer

A Well Organized Experience

I bought a ticket for a glass fusing class. I liked the ability to schedule online and appreciate the flow of communication, using email reminders etc. The class was a lot of fun. The instructor was very genuine, nice, and well versed in the subject. I was very impressed at the size of the studio as well. They have a lot going on there, and they seem to be very organized and on top of things. I can’t wait to get my project back. I recommend this to anyone interested or curious about doing some glass work.

Debbie T.

Glass Blowing Customer

A Glass Fusing Party

I have blown glass twice and just organized a glass fusing party. I enjoyed all of the experiences and have wonderful pieces that I just love. The party was for all the girls in the family and we had a great time. It was so nice for all of us to get together w/o hubbies and kids, no cooking or cleaning either!

Pat R.

Glass Blowing Customer

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