Frequently Ask Questions


How long do projects take to complete?

Every project takes a different amount of time for each person to complete. Generally, our walk-in activities take about an hour to complete. Some projects, like glass fusing, may take longer depending on your skill and desired level of detail. Additionally some projects are not able to be taken home the same day, including: pottery, glass fusing, paint pouring, and glass blowing.

When can I pick my project up?

At our Portland and Vancouver studios, please allow 2 studio days for glass blowing pickup, 7-10 studio days for glass fusing, 5 studio days for pottery, 3 days for paint pouring, and 1 day for candle making. You will receive an email when your piece is ready for pickup (except glass blowing and candles). At our Sunriver studio, we are “in by 5pm, out at 4pm” during the summer. If you finish your art by 5pm, it will go in the kiln that night and will be ready for pickup the next day after 4pm. Please check with the studio outside of summer for their firing schedule.

What ages can come in to create?

All ages are welcome in the studio, including children 5 and older for glass blowing! We see babies come in to put footprints and handprints on pottery, and young children painting on canvas and pottery.

Can I bring a group?

Sure! You are always welcome to walk-in for Open Studio. If you would prefer a more private space or workshop, consider booking a party or event!

Is glass blowing available at all locations?

Right now, glass blowing is only available at our Portland and Vancouver studios.

How old is the art glass blowing?

Natural glass (formed from lightning, earthquakes, and other earthly means) dates back to the beginning of time. Obsidian, found right here in Oregon, is a natural glass formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Man made glass preceded glass blowing by thousands of years, as early as 3500 BC. Modern glass blowing techniques began to take shape in the 1st century BC during the time of the Roman Empire. Blown glass was originally a secret artform, and only the rich and royal owned pieces of man made glass. Now, glass blowing is an artform enjoyed around the world, including here in the Pacific Northwest at our Portland and Vancouver studios!

How old is the oldest piece of blown glass?

The oldest known fragments of blown glass come from a hollow glass vessel from the 16th century BC.

Why do glass blowers roll the molten glass on the table before blowing?

When a glass blower pulls glass from the furnace, it’s too hot and meable to work with. To cool the glass down, they roll it on a marver table made of stainless steel. The table doesn’t hold heat… if fact, right after the glass blower rolls the glass (which is about 2,500°!) the table is cool to the touch immediately after. This allows the glass to cool down quickly enough that the glass blower can begin molding, shaping, and blowing the glass.

How hot do pieces fire in the kilns and furnaces?

There’s a reason we call the special area housing our glass furnace the “hot shop”. Our glass furnaces keep glass molten hot- so hot it runs like honey or hot sugar! Can you guess how hot our molten glass is? If you guessed about 2,800°, you’re right!There’s a reason we call the special area housing our glass furnace the “hot shop”. Our glass furnaces keep glass molten hot- so hot it runs like honey or hot sugar! Can you guess how hot our molten glass is? If you guessed about 2,800°, you’re right!

Our pottery and glass fusing kilns also run very, very hot. There’s a reason you can’t bake pottery in your oven at home! Our pottery kilns run at about 1,800° and our glass fusing kilns at about 1,300°.

What is the rescheduling policy?

We require 48 hour notice for any cancellations or rescheduling, including no-shows. If you do not give the **required 48 hours’ notice** you are subject to either/or:
1. The redemption of your voucher or amount paid for your class, you forfeit the whole value of the class (or voucher).
2. Pay the rescheduling fee of $20 per person. You retain the prepaid voucher or value paid for class and are welcome to reschedule.

**If you do not show up to your appointment without notice your voucher or amount paid will be marked redeemed and is non-refundable.**

What is the refund policy?

Refund Policy:
Please understand we are a small business. Our classes are non-refundable.
We will be happy to reschedule your appointment with 48 hours advance notice. When you do not show up for a class and do not give us the required 48 hours notice like we ask, we lose the opportunity to teach another customer just like you who wants the opportunity to work with glass. A no-show is just that.

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