Candle Making

Create your own chunky or soy candles!

Live Laugh love art | Candle Making

What is candle making?

At our Portland and Vancouver studios, walk in and create a decorative chunky candle at any time! At our Portland studio, sign up for a soy candle workshop to create two scented soy candles.

Give a homemade candle as a gift to someone you love, or come and create your own candle for relaxation!

Create your own set of 5 scented soy candles at home with a to-go kit available at all of our studios.

What can I make?


What types of candles can I make?

Walk-in and create your own decorative unscented chunky candle with lots of different colors and shapes at our Portland and Vancouver studios! Or, at our Portland studio, sign up for a workshop to create 2 candles; one scented soy candle and one chunky candle.


Who can come in to make candles?

Candle making is great for every age and ability!


When can I take home my candle?

For soy candle workshops, please allow at least 45 minutes for your candles to solidify before you take your candle home. You can always leave at at the studio to pick up another day as well. For chunky candles, please allow 2 studio days before picking up.

Live Laugh love art | Candle Making

Walk-in Candle Making

Candle Making: Walk-In Activity

Walk in to create your own chunky candle at our Portland or Vancouver studios! Chunky candles can be created with fun colors and shapes, and are unscented.

Step 1: Choose Your Candle Shape

Choose from several different shapes and sizes for your candle base.

Step 2: Design Your Candle

Pick your colorful wax shapes to put around the edges of your candle using our sticky wax. Configure them how you like and make your candle your own. Keep in mind chunky candles do not have a fragrance.

Step 3: Leave Your Candle With Us

Once you’re happy with how your candle design looks, we’ll overpour your candle with paraffin wax to solidify your design. Please allow 2 studio days.

Step 4: Put On the Finishing Touches

Let us know if you want to add glitter to your candle, and we’ll finish it for you and you will be able to take it home!

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All Day Studio Access Pass: $10

Come in and play! All Day studio passes are good for up to 4 participants on the same project. Save money on Studio Passes by purchasing a Family Pass!

Candle Making starting at: $20

Candle making prices vary based on the many different projects to choose from!

Live Laugh love art | Candle Making

Candle Making Workshops

Candle Making:
Instructed Workshops

This workshop is scheduled for 1.5 hours. The first 45 minutes is the candle-making portion, with the the last 45 minutes for socializing while waiting for your candle to solidify.

Workshop Details

During our hands-on Candle Making workshop you will go on a scent exploration & learn how to pour your own candle. Because we know how much you love to share, we’re letting you create 2 candles so you have one to give as a gift! We use all-natural soy wax, which is environmentally friendly and has a longer burn time than paraffin candles.

Workshop Includes

You as a candle maker will create 2 beautiful candles.

Candle Pickup

Please allow 45 minutes after pouring your candle for the candle to solidify so you can transport it home. Come prepared to have fun while socializing with your classmates.

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$65 per ticket

Candle Making workshops include 2 candles.

Candle Making workshops include an instructor guide and materials to create 1 scented soy candle and 1 unscented chunky candle.

Fun for All Ages

Candle Making is an awesome activity for all ages!


Candle Making workshops are scheduled for 1.5 hours. The first 45 minutes is dedicated to making your candles, and the second 45 minutes allows time for your candles to set.

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Candle Making Group Events

Ask us about candle making for larger groups including team building, birthday parties, and more!

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Hear it from Our Customers!

Portland’s favorite DIY candle making studio!

Accessible Art for Everyone

I don’t have a creative bone in my body but they make art accessible for everyone! My husband did the glass blowing, the younger kids did candle making, and the older daughter did glass fusion. I’m going to try painting on canvas next time. We will definitely be going back!

Jennifer M.

A Live, Laugh, Love Art Customer

Made a Great Gift

I had fun making a chunky candle one day as a walk in. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make my mom for her birthday and this ended up being the perfect project. My candle came out really nice and the glitter they dusted on top made it so pretty. She loved it and I had fun making it, now I know what I’m going to make as gifts from now on.

Kaycie B.

Candle Making Customer

Fun Environment

Such a fun environment. Lots of activities to choose from. The owners are full of passion and enthusiasm and make the experience fun. Highly recommended for everyone!!

Michelle V.

A Live, Laugh, Love Art Customer

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