Art Perks


You are just 10 smiles away from a free workshop!

Art Perks rewards frequent customers with free workshops. When you join our Art Perks program you will also be notified of FLASH sales and discount via email or text message.


Earn Smile Points Online

Art Perks is free to join!

Collect Smiles in your Art Perks account automatically.

Earn a smile for each workshop seat you purchase.

Keep collecting! Smiles never expire.

Earn 10 smiles and get a free workshop (up to $65 value)

Your first Smile point is on us!

Enroll in a Glass Blowing, Glass Fusing, Canvas Painting, Wood Sign, or Paint Pouring Workshop.


These extra rewards will keep you smiling along.

Bonus Perks!

Celebrate with a birthday treat.

Double smile days & bonus smiles.

Exclusive offers, personalized just for you.

Start earning Smiles

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Dont have a social media account? No problem. Click HERE instead to use your email.

Create your account and earn your Smiles.

It’s best to use your favorite Social Media network to help create your Art Perks account. If you’re not social, its OK. You can still use your email to create an account. To start you off we’ll also give you your first Smile just for creating an account. Welcome!

Still can’t get enough Art Perks?

Collect STARS *** for Open Studio Purchases at your favorite Studio Location.

Art Perk FAQs

What is the art perks program?

We value our repeat customers & want to reward you for being a valued customer. Collect 10 smiles & you can attend a workshop for free (upto a $65 value).

Do I need to make a purchase to create an art perks account?

No, you get a free smile just for creating an account online.

How are my smiles points tracked?

No punch card necessary, smiles are collected automatically each time you make an online purchase to attend a workshop.

Can I transfer my reward to a friend?

You can always gift your reward to a friend, just book the reservation for them. We love it when our customers share their love for the studio with others.

How do I earn a smile?

Make an online reservation for a Glass Blowing, Glass Fusing, Art Welding, Canvas Painting, Wood Sign, or Paint Pouring Workshop.

How do I use my reward?

Your Art Perks reward is automatically sent to you once you’ve collected 10 Smiles. It works just like a Workshop Pass and can be used on any of our workshops. Simply enter in the Art Perks code on checkout to redeem the reward against one seat. The code can only be used once and does not carry a balance forward.

Do my perks expire?

You can continue to collect smiles year after year but once you’ve earned your reward, please use it within 6 months of issuance. You’ll be emailed a copy of your reward code and a copy is also available in your studio account dashboard.