Gift Cards

Give the Perfect Gift of Creativity with our Gift Cards!

Choosing the Right Gift Card for Your Experience

To ensure you select the appropriate gift certificate that aligns with our system, please consider the following:

🔹 If you or your recipient prefer an instructed experience like glass blowing and art workshops, our Online Glass Blowing and Art Workshops Gift Card is the perfect fit.

Glass Blowing & Art Workshops

🎁 Gift the Joy of Instructed Art or Glass Blowing Experiences! 🎨

Looking for the perfect gift starting at $65 that combines creativity and hands-on learning? Our Instructed Art Experience and Glass Blowing Experience gift cards are just what you need! Treat yourself or your loved ones to an unforgettable artistic adventure. ✨

✨ Reservations Required for These Experiences ✨

🔹 If you or your recipient prefer a flexible and reservation-free artistic adventure in our open studio, the Open Studio Activities Gift Card is the ideal choice.

Open Studio Activities Gift Card

Are you looking to surprise someone with artistic activity? Our Open Studio Activities Gift Card is the ultimate choice! Whether for you or your recipient, this gift card unlocks a world of creative exploration in our open studio. Not valid for instructed Art Workshops, Glass Blowing, or activities that require an online reservation.

Walk-In to Our ” Walk-In” Open Studio Activities

Please note: Each gift card is exclusively tailored to its designated experience. To make the most of your gift and ensure a seamless creative journey, we kindly request that you purchase the appropriate gift certificate according to your desired activity. Ready to ignite your artistic spirit? Purchase the perfect gift card today and unlock a world of creativity and inspiration! If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at 360-787-7033.

🎨 Let the artistic adventure begin! 🎨