Wood Sign Painting Kit


Included in this wood sign painting kit is your 11 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ inch wood sign base, the stencil with your chosen saying, and up to 4 colors of paint. Also included are 3 sponges and 1 paintbrush along with a complimentary paper mat. All the necessary components to create your wood sign masterpiece. Choose an additional color of paint for just $2.50

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Rhododendron $0.00 Sunriver $0.00 Meadowlark $0.00 Douglas Fir $0.00 Sword Fern $0.00 Cannon Beach $0.00 Columbia River $0.00 Pacific Blue $0.00 Crater Lake $0.00 Santiam $0.00 Huckleberry $0.00 Foxglove $0.00 Florence Dunes $0.00 Tropicana Rose $0.00 Hydrangea $0.00 Chinook Salmon $0.00 Willamette Valley $0.00 Obsidian $0.00 Yaquina Head $0.00 Cascades $0.00 Mt. Hood $0.00 Silver Falls $0.00 Thunder Egg $0.00 The Beaver $0.00

If you want your design to standout choose light colors for a dark background or choose dark colors for a light background.

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The Wood Sign Painting Kit comes with everything you need to make a wooden sign. Your choice of up to 4 colors, and one of over 100 different stencil designs you can choose from. You can find the perfect saying to fit your personality, decor, or make that perfect gift. These are also great gifts to give to someone special. The kits come with everything you need to complete a Wood Sign Painting, the wood plank, stencil, sponge for applying the paint, and instructions.

Check out this video to see how to apply the wood stencil and apply the paint to make a fun decorative craft to hang on your wall.